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"Voluptual, Funebrial, Stabbed."

--Harry Crosby on the art of Alastair,Baron Hans Henning von Voight, 1926

Decadence is a forum for the pursuit of the artful, luxurious inundation of the senses through art,music,literature,sex,food,clothes,or any of the below interests suggested....not particularly in that order...

absinthe, acephale, aleister crowley, alfred jarry, ancient egypt, androgyny, antiquity, antonin artaud, armenian chant, art, art nouveau, artifice, arvo part, aubrey beardsley, baudelaire, bauhaus, bdsm, biseinen, bisexual, bishonen, black narcissus, black sun press, blood, bugatti, cats, caviar, cemeteries, champagne, changelings, cheese, cognac, coil, corsican chant, count stenbock, current 93, curses, dario argento, dark chocolate, david park barnitz, death, death in june, decadence, decay, difficult music, drowning, early music, erotica, eroticism, eroticism meshed with death, erowid, felicien rops, fetish, fin de siecle, fool's dance, funeralia, fur, fuseli, georges bataille, ghosts, goblin, goddess, gothic, grand guignol, gustave moreau, hallucinations, harry crosby, hashish, haunted, haute couture, hesperion xx, horror, hugo ball, huysmans, incense, infiltration, isadore ducasse, jean delville, jean genet, joel peter witkin, latex, lautremont, legendary pink dots, lord byron, lotus feet, lsd, lustmord, m.r. james, machiavelli, mallarme, malneirophrenia, mary shelly, mata hari, maurice maeterlinck, mauve decade, morphine, mourning, mucha, new orleans, nightmares, odilon redon, opium, orientalism, pablo neruda, pagan, painting, pasolini, patent leather, percy shelley, phantasmagoria, poetes maudits, poetry, pointy boots, poppies, port, pre-raphaelites, psychopathia sexualis, rachilde, rimbaud, ritual burial, rosetti, seduction, seppuku, silk, siouxsie, sir richard burton, starewicz, storms, subliminal, suicide, supernatural, superstition, swans, symbolists, tea, tea ceremony, terror, the book of jade, the lost generation, the painted veil, theater of cruelty, tones on tail, tranquilizers, tristan tzara, vampires, velvet, verlaine, viola d'amore, weimar, william blake, wine

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